Oral teachings of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
and his spiritual sons

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Vajra Vidharana Mahadharani (rdo rje rnam 'joms kyi gzungs)

Vajra Vidharana Mahadharani

short form

Namo ratna trayaya, namakchanda benza panaye, tadyatha, om hara hara benza, matha matha benza, dhuna dhuna benza, daha daha benza, patsa patsa benza, dhara dhara benza, dharaya dharaya benza, daruna daruna benza, tsatsindha tsatsindha benza, bhindha bhindha benza hung phet

[when a little longer then append:]

namakchanda benza krodhaya, hulu hulu, tishtha tishtha, bhandha bhandha, hana hana, amrite hung phet.



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