Tara Compendium

Practitioners who wish to benefit beings and attain realization based on Tara need to garner her energy and apply it. Not only can we reach a level of personal achievement; we will be able to help sick people, safeguard fearful ones, and pacify mental suffering. Buddha Shakyamuni said that among all buddhas, Tara has exceedingly great resolve, being an emanation of the mother of all the buddhas of the three times, she carries out all their activities. Of utmost significance is her vow to emanate in female form until all of samsara is emptied.

If you are someone with devotion, perseverance, and pure samaya, and exert yourself in Tara practice, you will, by means of the ‘indicating example wisdom,’ before long fully realize the intrinsic great bliss that is ‘indicated ultimate wisdom.’ Tara is a manifestation of discriminating wisdom, the nature of which is luminous wakefulness. She is the heroine who swiftly carries out the activities of all the buddhas, the very identity of enlightened activity—beyond that which we can fathom—and has incredible virtues that surpass any thought….Within this very lifetime you will accomplish the state of the utterly indestructible, undefeatable and unchanging Vajra Tara of the innermost essence, who is prajñaparamita.”

— Adeu Rinpoche