Skillful Grace

Tara is an inspirational figure embodying the most compelling and vital qualities of the feminine: beauty, grace, and the ability to nurture, care for and protect. Tara is a true warrior, vanquishing fear and ignorance, both externally and internally; she is the earliest known Buddhist feminist. 

For instructions on how to do Tara practice, there is no book superior to this, covering everything from beginning to end. Skillful Grace contains teachings on general topics of Dharma practice as well as the innermost view and meditation of Vajrayana, the unexcelled Tibetan Buddhist vehicle that facilitates enlightenment in one lifetime. There are practices of Tara and her retinue that dispel the various fears, consort practice and all the details on development and completion stages both with and without conceptual attributes. Nothing is left out. It is utterly complete with treasure and pith instructions from Tulku Urgyen and Adeu Rinpoche, “adeptly” arranged by the translation/author team of Erik Pema Kunsang and Marcia Binder Schmidt.

The book is rounded out with a foreword by Tara Bennett Goleman, author of the best selling book Emotional Alchemy, in depth introduction by Marcia Schmidt, and appendixes. 

Available as a print and ebook.